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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Poor iPhone owners

There have been almost 24 hours since I reported to AT&T that my phone lines were dead at home. And I'm still waiting. I have called them 3 times, and the 3 times they have ended the conversation with a very "funny" words: Thanks for choosing us. I did not choose them! They are the only phone company in South Florida! There are other companies and cheaper, and I have used them in the past, to learn a very sad reality: the lines belong to AT&T former BellSouth. That means that all those other companies can't touch the lines to fix anything and that put you in a worse position than the one where I'm now. And believe me because I have been there.

What you can do about it? The only other real option is going VoIP using Comcast. But... wait a minute, is not Comcast the only cable provider on my area? That means that I'm back again in the same point from where I running!

And this is why in both cases the service of both companies is the worse you can think about. No competition means bad service, plain and simple. And I can tell you one more thing, things have become worse now that AT&T bought BellSouth and Cingular.

So... God save those poor souls of the new iPhone owners!Please, God, save them! Don't let them feel the pain I'm feeling! Tongue out

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