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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

43 hours and still counting

Sorry guys but I have to keep my coverage of the "AT&T good service". If you have not read my previous posts here is a Summary: My phone lines at home are dead, I reported the issue 43 hours ago and still no fix from AT&T. I have called them 3 times to get the same answers without any real time update on where I'm on line. It have been raining every evening but nothing out of the ordinary: no tornados neither hurricanes to blame. This is just the kind of regular service you get when you pay your bill on time to AT&T/BellSouth.

Well, probably they are too busy selling iPhones. I even have heard that their Edge network collapsed due to the amount of traffic (unconfirmed rumor).

This is what I love of blogging. The power of blogging. Without blogging this would be a "private" issue between AT&T and me. But thanks to these posts now 1000s of people know about it.

Of course, once all this is over I'll seriously analyze Comcast's Cable Modem and VoIP. Or keep waiting for WiMax. Probably I'll wait a little more for WiMax.

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