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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Get Connected reviews the Tablet Kiosk EO i7209

I think that they are too but too late, I'm not even sure if Tabletkiosk sells these UMPCs anymore. I'm sure that the i7210 is discontinued because we confirmed that news with Gail Levy, marketing manager at Tabletkiosk. Well, I just checked, Yeap, Tabletkiosk still sell the i7209. Anyway, it's a nice video review about a nice machine if you keep it running on XP. Do not try to put Vista on it because so far I have not read about anybody lucky enough to have it fully working on Vista. These machines are the only ones in the market with a Docking Station (Hey, do not start to post comments about the OQO and the UX, I'm talking about pure Origamis).

Youtube Link.

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