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Friday, July 20, 2007

Another attack coming from Australia

It seems to me that we need 100 of Hugo Ortegas in Australia. Here is what was published by Ian Grayson from APC Magazine:  

Trumpeted as the next "must have" device for the techno-savvy traveler, the Ultra Mobile PC is still being shunned by major hardware vendors and virtually ignored by users.

And all this based in the words of Dell's and HP's guys who say that those two companies have better business than to dedicate a little bit of time to do a serious research about what the market wants or need.

My question is, did Mr Ian hold for few minutes a UMPC in his hand? Does he know anything about UMPCs? That's the reason why this blog is about UMPC and I do not write on it anything about the moon and the stars. I write about what I know.

Who is right? Either HP and Dell Australia are the smarter companies in the whole world or Samsung is the most stupid company and Sony... Sony should be at the highest level of stupidity. We should see Samsung and Sony going out of business very soon. Surprised

Hugo, we need you back to put some order in Autralia.

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