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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Kohjinsha SH6 review at UMPCPortal.com

I'm really disappointed with this device. But first let me post a fragment of Steve's review.

I'm still pretty annoyed at the battery life issue but its time to put my personal feelings to one side now and do some straight reporting on the full Kohjinsha SH6 experience. I've only had it for three days but I've spent enough time with it to have an opinion on most aspects of it by now.

Now, why I'm disappointed with this device?

  •  2 hours of battery life in a device using the A110 which was supposed to sacrifice performance to gain in battery life.
  •  You already know that I need performance and this baby with that processor is just not for me.
  •  Vista Basic!!! Come on! this device has a touch screen! With Vista Basic you don't have any of the functionalities for Tablet PC. Why Vista Basic, is not because the A110 is not powerful enough for Business or Ultimate? It's running in Q1Us so I do not see why not to use it in this device.

In the positive side I love the design. Like Steve says this could be a very productive device, give it more battery Life, a better performance and Vista Home Reminder or Business and this would be a perfect device.

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