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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

To Anonymous from me.

Mr Anonymous,

Here is the picture of the two of three police cars that came to our call the last Saturday. I see that you don't know too much about security so I feel that I have to explain you a few things. In order to record more frames in a HDD, the DVRs used in these security projects record a frame every few seconds and when an event or alarm is triggered they start recording at about 4 frames per second in our case. And I say in our case because the DVR that we use records up to 48 frames shared with the amount of cameras installed. In this case 12. Last Saturday the police cars are seen only in one frame. This one.


Check the date and time and compare them with the ones in my video. I still have a few more frames of the police walking about the building and even entering the building from this corner. That street were you can see the police car is closed in the other end. The thieves car was parked close to the end of the street so the only way out was using that same street and the police was blocking it. Beside that, the police had already the information about the car that the thieves were using and it was not a stolen car.

This facility is an old manufacturing building with a warehouse. The whole facility is for sale so it's completely empty. Thieves have been breaking in to steal any electrical thing they can, like wires, outlets, even wall ACs. The company I work for own that building and I was asked to install security cameras on it and that's how I got involved in this project.

There are two things that I hate: liars and people without enough courage to leave their name when they post such kind of accusations.

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