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Sunday, July 15, 2007

todoUMPC Magazine Issue No 4 just released

todoUMPC Magazine, the first magazine fully dedicated to UMPCs has reached its 4th issue.


I know that the majority of you do not understand Spanish but from this front page you can already guess that we had a special guest in this issue: the only one... Hugo... Ortega...!!! And here is the best part, we have prepared a English translation of that Interview that can be downloaded here.

I'm also publishing today for the first time in the web two pictures as evidence of the creative process behind this magazine.

We asked Hugo some pictures for this interview but we were short of time and seeing that Hugo was busy... One of our Art Editors, Masil, came with the proposal of using this cartoon:


And after a few days of work that cartoon became this one that was  used in the magazine:


 Hugo, did I tell you that I was preparing a surprise for you!? I want to thank Hugo for his time for this interview and invite all of you to download both PDF files (the Spanish Version have other very funny cartoons).

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