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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Everun Full Review by UMPCPortal.com

Steve has posted his review of Everun

In May 2007, Intel told the world that they saw two markets for the UMPC. One, a higher-end market for professionals and productivity users. The other, a low-end market focused mainly on smaller, cheaper, less powerful entertainment and communication devices aimed at the consumer. This consumer market is something that Raon Digital has been focusing on since they launched their first UPMC back in August 2006 with their 4.3" screen, AMD Geode powered Vega UMPC and a year later, Raon are continuing this focus and still seem to be ahead of the game. The Everun has launched with the same small form factor and long battery life as the Vega but with some additional and unique features along with a great price.

He could not have said it better, all in this device is about portability, small weight and long battery life. To talk about productivity in such small device is just a bad joke. How you are going to write efficiently in such small screen? How are you going to type at least 40 words per minute in such small keyboard? But is this small side, in fact, the main attraction that brings the Everun.

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