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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Pirillo is not getting an iPod

Me neither! I already said that in another post.I wont deny that the iPhone Software looks good but technically I do not see anything that appealing. Edge! Come on. I'm using Edge right now and the speed is about what I have in my old 56th modems. It works for me because I do not use that much but if your are getting an iPhone I'm sure that you are going to use it. Another point that I learned now watching Pirillo's Video is that the battery is not replaceable, the same iPod system! That means that you have to be prepared to pay Job more than 100 dollars per year to change your battery. With all the inconvenience of not having a phone for some time. And the most important point for me: I'M NOT GOING BACK TO CINGULAR/ATT.

Well, let me post here Pirillo's video, after all he explains all this better than me.

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