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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Samsung Q1 Ultra reviewed by PC Advisor

So, they pleased the press with a keyboard and a better display but they got it wrong with the processor. And I have been repeating this over and over the A110 is good for MID but no powerful enough for UMPCs. Here is what PC Advisor says...

A quick look around the Samsung Q1 Ultra found an impressive amount of storage and input/output capabilities. The model we reviewed had a 50GB hard drive, a SecureDisk memory card slot, two USB slots, an Ethernet slot and video input for standard monitors. The Samsung Q1 Ultra comes nicely loaded with other features such as a built-in 1.3Mp camera, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which connected quickly and without hassle.

Browsing the web using Internet Explorer was a satisfying experience with the sharp display. The Samsung Q1 Ultra's ability to switch to portrait mode was particularly helpful for web browsing.

However, it didn't take long to become frustrated by the slowness of the Q1 Ultra. The test device with an 800MHz processor and 1GB of RAM was flat-out underpowered, with applications taking an annoyingly long time to load. A version of the Samsung Q1 Ultra is available with an even-slower 600 MHz processor.

At this moment I'm not sure if we are going to see the 600 MHz at all. To me, releasing such device is a waste of time unless they are going to sell it for 500 dollars and with XP installed. With that price we probably are going to see some market going for that instead of getting a MID.

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