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Monday, July 23, 2007

What the public thinks about the Everun

 Steve at UMPCPortal.com has taken the Everun into a road trip and have been asking to the general public what they think about this device. And here are his conclusions from this experiment:

- Mini keyboards are useless for Women with nails. That's covers most Women and its going to be a big challenge to consumer Internet devices.

IMG_42051- The Everun is heavy. That's what people said. But when we probed a bit further its actually because the Everun is heavier than you expect for its size. It doesn't matter that its a quarter of the weight of a notebook PC because if the customer picks it up and its heavier than expected, its heavy!

- The XP user interface is totally totally useless for a consumer Internet device. Not one person was happy to use XP. We need to learn from this. Simple interfaces are absolutely critical to the success of a device. If I had been able to demonstrate RedFlag Midinux or even Origami experience, the device would have been much more interesting to the end user.

- You need always-on Internet. WiFi isn't good enough. People want instant Internet access.

- The most wanted application was email

- Media didn't interest the people we interviewed.

- Women don't think the Everun is particularly pretty.

- The Everun constantly gets compared to mobile phone. Its a terrible consumer mobile phone which makes the Everun hard to promote after this first impression.

All these points are really interesting and Steve is doing a wonderful job collecting them. I agree with many of these points, WiFi is not good enough, we need WiMax or whatever name they want to use in Europe for this technology. Checking these points it seems to me that Origami Experience needs to take in consideration some of these points and come with an user interface that includes an easier way to navigate on Internet and probably receive emails. In another words they probably needs to replicate the environment found in MID devices. Another point is that probably the reaction would had been another if Steve was showing Vista instead XP. If you show a new device to the public they are expecting a new software. So that reaction toward XP did not surprise me at all.

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