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Sunday, July 15, 2007

My eo v7110 logon screen is calibrated!

The other day I posted about a little tool that allows users to calibrate the logon screen in devices suffering of this problem. Well, today I had the time to test it myself.

The Tabletkiosk v7110 is one of the UMPC that have this problem. When you turn on the device and you reach the logon screen you have to use the mouse to type your password because the touch screen is not calibrated at all. I tried in the past many tips but none of them good. Today I can say without a doubt that GlTabCal is the solution.


It's very easy to use. You press the first button to calibrate your screen in any resolution. After that you press the second to test it. And at last you press the apply button. You will be asked to re boot your machine and there you will be happy to discover that your logon screen is calibrated.

This tool does not work with devices using Touchkit or the eGalax HID Beta Driver. That means that basically it works in Tabletkiosk eo v7110 devices as far as I recall.

I know that other devices like the Q1 XP using the HID eGalax driver have this problem, but so far there is not any solution for those.

Another good news for Tabletkiosk eo v7110 owners is that a rotation screen tool is going to be released very soon. the tool was tested in Vista and it works. Today I worked with the author checking the registry in XP and according to what he saw in my eo, it seems that it should work after a few changes.

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