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Monday, July 09, 2007

Wow! from where that price tag came?

The other day I mentioned about a rumor of Dell releasing a UMPC. The only detail mentioned on that rumor was that it was going to be a keyboardless UMPC. This rumor was published in many pages and each page has added a little bit to the rumor. the last thing added a price tag by Engadget:Surprised

According to an unusually brief blurb from a moderator over at TodoUMPC, "sources" have informed the site that Dell will be entering the UMPC market with a duo of devices. Unfortunately, the only "details" that were mentioned beyond that are the pricetags, which look to be €600 ($816) and €1,100 ($1496) for the two models. 'Course, we've certainly got ourselves all worked up over something similar before only to be woefully disappointed, so we're going the extra mile to keep the excitement at a minimum until Dell itself speaks on the issue.

By the way, in that post at TodoUMPC, it was also mentioned the last year April 1st Photoshop joke. Let me repeat what was told there: Dell is planning to release a UMPC without integrated keyboard. Nothing more. No price tag, no date, no shape, no picture, no nothing. Here is the link. The same source of this rumor also informed our moderator about a year ago that Dell was not working in any UMPC, when many pages were publishing  such rumor. That makes us think that this time we are in the right track.

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