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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Day 15 - We are closer

This blog has become a dairy and all because of the eo V7110!

Yesterday was a better day:

  • We got Microsoft Origami Team involved in the "Screen Rotation Issue". We know now that VIA did not include screen rotation support to the drivers installed in the eo V7110 and in the latest driver released for the VN800 chip. I sent and email to VIA support asking for an explanation to this taking in consideration that they mention screen rotation support as one of the feature of the VN800 chip here.

  • TabletKiosk will ship the eo V7110 with Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition O/S, Origami Touch-Kit, Experience Pack, Education Pack and MS OneNote (full copy). This is real very good news. A Tablet PC without MS OneNote is like having a PC without a mouse, it will work but you are missing part of the functionality of it. Also, a recovery CD pack will ship with each unit - no recovery on the disk. Another good news, that will give more flexibility to those thinking on installing Linux or to those that want to void the warranty installing a new bigger HDD.

  • And the last good news that we found Yesterday is that VIA C7-M Processor supports Vista. Of course, this does not mean anything if TabletKiosk does not offer the Vista Upgrade to eo owners when it become available in 2007. But despite that, it's good news.

Lets see what bring us day 15.