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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Via supports Vista!

In a continuing effort to ensure premium support for future technologies, VIA has been working closely with Microsoft to develop key system hardware components for Microsoft's next generation operating system, the Windows Vista operating system (former codename Longhorn). VIA provides different product lines that include Processors and Integrated Graphics Processor (IGP) Chipsets to support Windows Vista enhanced graphics requirements. VIA is also working closely with S3 Graphics supporting their leading line of Windows Vista compatible Graphics Processing Units (GPU).

This information is intended to assist customers in their planning for hardware deployments supporting the Windows Vista operating system, and will be updated on a timely basis to ensure accuracy.

Windows Vista Capable VIA Processors
  • VIA C7 Processor

  • VIA C7-M Processor

  • VIA Eden Processors

Now the question is... will TabletKiosk provide a way to eo V7110 owners to update their devices to Vista when it comes out in 2007? Do not forget that XP Tablet PC Edition is not for sale in any where so owners of eo V7110 will depend completely on what TabletKiosk decides to do with Vista Update.

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