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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sling Media ready for UMPC!

That a great news coming from Paperback PC.

Sling Media currently offers a product called, oddly enough, SlingBox, which hooks into a cable box and television back at the user’s home. Using the Internet as its transmission medium, it then sends the television programming to the user’s computer, allowing them to watch television on any Internet-connected machine. SlingBox comes bundled with Sling Media’s special media player, called SlingPlayer. In addition to playing back stored television video, SlingPlayer comes with several handy features integrated right in: SlingStream, which allows the user to stream their video over the web without having to worry about image distortion or static, resulting in vastly improved image quality. SlingRemote is a built-in remote control that mimics its real-life brethren, allowing the user to perform operations such as channel changing or recording television via a DVR. Finally, version 1.0.5 adds support for multiple devices, an improved SlingStream algorithm, manual audio and video controls, and new remote control support.

And SlingPlayer has been adapted now to be used in UMPCs. Check the video if you want to see it in action.