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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Samsung UMPC with a VIA processor

According to UMPCBuzz, Samsung is thinking about an UMPC with a VIA processor and a price tag of 700 dollars!

Hardware is not one of my favorite topics but I wonder, is not the VIA processor using the same socket than the Pentium M and Intel Celeron M? My guess is that I'll have to investigate today this point. Of course, this is a very good move from Samsung but please don't let you fool with this low price tag, 700 dollars will be the starting price for a machine with probably 256 MB of RAM and 20/4800 RPM HDD and when you add to this more memory and a bigger and faster HDD you will end paying something close to 1000 dollars. Obviously, 1000 dollars is better than the 1300 dollars that TabletKiosk is charging for 1 GB/40GB-7200 RPM but my guess is that in about 6 months TabletKiosk wont be able to hold any more current prices and will have to low them down for something more appealing.