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Monday, April 17, 2006

Launch date for eo

I sent an email this morning to TabletKiosk about the rumors around the web about the Launch date of the eo being delayed, a few hours after that TabletKiosk has replayed back using the Origami Project forum.

There is quite a lot of speculation going on right now about the launch date of eo, so I would like to address the issue directly.

We (TabletKiosk) are still targeting to ship eo by the end of April. However, please know that because this is our initial launch of an entirely new product, we are dealing with some unknown elements such as customs clearance time.

When the machines arrive from overseas, we are set up to conduct QA testing, install software and customize the BTO machines in our California warehouse. It’s a very tight timeframe and there may be some unknowns ahead, however, our target ship date remains as originally announced.

Gail Levy
Director of Marketing