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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Day 8 - Initial thoughts

Let's be realistics, there is not a perfect pc out there. If by reading all my posts you got the idea that you found the perfect UMPC let me tell you that you are absolutely wrong. So, lets talk about the negative points brought to the podium by Rob Bushway at GottaBeMobile.
  • The Via wireless is a real pain to set up. This could be a problem with the LinkSys router. Sometimes using fixed IPs help. I can't understand what he means by VIA Wireless, but I think that he's talking about a program or tool provided by VIA to configure the WiFi. No having the unit in front of me, the only thing that I can do is to speculate, but probably the best thing to do in these cases is to use the XP Wireless Network Connections settings to deal with any problem.

  • Initially, cpu performance was not good. But after a reboot, performance was pretty decent. What kind of HDD that unit is using? a 4800 RPM HDD? Could be that he is talking about the overall performance of the unit, not just about the processor. I don't see how a reboot can fix performance problems. When he says "Initially" what does he mean? The time between the first time he turned on the device and the time when he turn it back off?

  • I'm getting 1 hour 40 minutes on the battery. Under what conditions? It's not any secret that battery life in this first generation sucks so be prepare to buy the extended battery.

  • It gets very hot when connected to AC. The stylus is metal and it is too hot to hold when taking it out of the stylus holster. It is also pretty difficult to remove the stylus from the holster - there is nothing to grab a hold of to pull it out. I think that this point is relative with the process of charging the battery. About the stylus part we have to keep in mind that this unit has a touch screen that means that anything can serve as stylus and I said that because from my experience with the PPC world the stylus that comes with the devices are not good the majority of the time so I ended buying a multi purpose pen that includes an stylus.

  • I'm disappointed in the whole touch experience. I think that once a person is used to a magnetic screen it will take time to get used to a touch screen. In another hand, may be got too much expectation for all the Microsoft Hype.

  • The alternates / correction part of the TIP does not work well at all with the touch digitizer. I was asking myself about this part. Everything that is relative with Tablet PCs "hover capability" will not work well in UMPCs. This is something that MS needs to think about it implementing a solution. Of course that moving the mouse on top of an object could be a solution but no the best one when you are taking notes with your stylus.

  • I’m getting some interference from my hand when inking in OneNote, Journal, and GoBinder when using the 120 gram digitizer. Again, it will take a little time to get used to touch screen, here Pocket PC users will have some advantage over those users with little experience with "touch screens".

Next Tuesday Rob will post a video review that I recommend everybody to watch. It seems to me that this video has all it's needed for an Oscar!