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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Day 2 - will UMPC replace Tablet PC?

A controversy between Tablet PC Bloggers and UMPC Bloggers has started regarding to this question as you can see from this post. I think that UMPC will not replace Tablet PCs but they will help them to become more accessible to everybody. Just look the below picture where you can see what happened as soon as the Origami Project was reveled to the world.

The price tag of almost 1900 dollars has disappeared!

UMPCs wont replace Pocket PCs because Pocket PCs are already dead, they have been replaced by Phones with Pocket PC functions. UMPC wont replace Tablet PCs, what we are going to see is a huge wide market of TOUCH SCREEN and Magnetic screen devices that will start with UMPC, continue with Tablet PC/Laptop hybrids and end in pure Tablet PCs. I fully 100% agree with those that point that UMPCs, thanks to a very low price, will show the world "the benefits of inking and touch". Benefits that the Tablet PCs failed to market due to prohibitive prices. Tablet PCs prices in a near future will be as low as the one that we see in current Laptops. In fact, we are going to see with Tablet PCs the same price evolution that we saw with Laptops.