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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More about performance

VIA Arena published an article about what should be taking in consideration when you are buying a laptop. I know that if you are here the less thing you want to do is to buy a laptop but if I'm recommending that article is because what you are going to learn from it will help you a lot deciding what UMPC to buy or how to customize your UMPC to make it faster.

A VIA Antaur 1GHz based system will not operate office applications any noticeably slower than a 3GHz P4 based system because of the CPU. It is the HDD and memory speed that is absolutely crucial. Many people are under the impression that Windows and applications will load faster if they have a faster CPU. Most CPUs are sitting there twiddling their thumbs with only 2% utilization waiting for HDDs to load. Even whilst unzipping zip files, CPU utilization doesn't go above 25% - because the system is waiting on the HDD, not the CPU. So will a faster CPU help Outlook load faster - nope. It's all about the HDD. When multi-tasking, will a faster CPU help you run more programs? Not if you have slow or a small amount of RAM.