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Friday, April 21, 2006

Day 3 - Next two weeks are going to be busy

Yes, Roy from OrigamiPortal.com announced yesterday that he was working in a Theme Creator for the Origami Touch Pack Launcher. And I revealed that I was working in a game (yeah, for those that did not associate Tweaks2K2 with me, I'm the guy behind Tweaks2K2). All this in an addition to OrigamiCar project, a wonderful multimedia player specially designed for UMPCs that was announced a few weeks ago.

Hugo Ortega the other day in his blog was wondering if developers are gonna start working for Tablet PCs with this Origami Fever, and it seems to me that with these new announcements and the OricamiCar he has got a clear answer:

Yes, developers will love Origamis!