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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Prototypes at Maker Faire

John Tokash visited the Maker Faire Yesterday and he is posting at his blog about what he experienced there when he tested 3 of the prototypes: The eo, the Samsung Q1 and the Founder. Here is a summary of what he said:

All 3 devices seemed responsive and not sluggish at all during my interactions

The Founder UMPC is really thin compared to the Samsung and eo.

The screen zooming is faster than I expected and much more readable than I expected, although several control panels (touch optimizations, system) become blank grey windows at the scaled 1024 resolution.

I like the touch point mouse embedded in the eo. I’m guessing that some old DirectX full screen games won’t respond well to the touch screen, so an external mouse or a touch point is going to be useful in those cases. The Samsung doesn’t have a similar feature.

For now, I’m really happy with my eo preorder.