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Monday, April 24, 2006

Shoud I cancel my order at TabletKiosk?

I know that many of you guys are thinking about the same thing. I know how important is for early adopter to be within the first in getting this new and amazing tool. But...
  1. Where you can get at this moment an UMPC with 1GB of RAM and a HDD spinning at 7200 RPM and all that for the shipper price that you could ever think?

  2. Who is selling a device for less than 1000 dollars?

  3. When you have seen in a company such act of honesty?

I also was disappointed when I read the news about the shipment delay but after a few minutes I thought for myself, wait a minute, this people have selected to by honest and do not ship a defective product versus send me a defective product and after having my money call for recall after few weeks. If you have not experienced that I can tell you that I did. Back in 2002 Toshiba released the Pocket PC e740. That machine was full of defects and they new that from the day one, defects that any QA department would find out if they had tested the units properly. After a few months, Toshiba called a huge number of machines for a recall.

Is that what you want from TabletKiosk? I don't think so.

TabletKiosk has shown us guys that still exist companies where honor and honesty are more important than money. I really value this and I WONT CANCEL MY ORDER.

So, tomorrow, you will find my usual day countdown with a negative number of course, but a valid and proud countdown!