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Thursday, April 13, 2006

eo sould out in USA!

Wow! Yes, we got the news from UMPC Buzz a few minutes ago.

This is why I do not believe those so-called "financial reports". Neither I believe in those so-called "magazine experts". They have demonstrated me the majority of the time to do know what they are talking about. The market for UMPC is there. All you need to do to see it is to go to a PPC forum. People asking for PPT viewers, for multimedia players, for applications running faster and faster, for more screen resolution (VGA), for screen rotation capability, for many many applications that are easier to develop for PCs than for PPCs. That tells me just one thing, PPCs are not what people are expecting, they want just a small PC that could do everything they do in their main PCs and PPCs can't do that. Yes, they have already many of the programs in PPCs that were developed before just for PCs but that's no enough if you compare the 50000 programs available for PPCs to millions and millions of programs available for PCs.

If you check a poll published in one of the blogs asking to potential UMPC buyers what kind of device they own the answer with more hits was PPCs. This fact is what all those called experts failed to see! The market is there waiting for Conqueror!