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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Day 6 - Less than a week

Lets be realistic, probably we are not going to receive our UMPC in 6 days. Just think about it, we are dealing with some unknown elements such as customs clearance time, after that all the units have to pass the QA testing, and after that, they have to install software and customize the BTO machines. Also keep in mind that there may be some unknowns ahead. I know, and you know that too because it's noticeable, that TabletKiosk guys have been monitoring this and all other blogs relative to UMPCs and that they know that the key for their success is to release the eo V7110 before the Samsung Q1. They know that many of you just want to have the first UMPC in the market, no matter what brand it is and what specification it has. So I'm sure that Gail and Martin are right now organizing a 24 hours marathon in case it's needed to have the eo before May 1st.

These are just speculations, I do not have any informant inside of TabletKiosk like some sources claim. I'm just basing my thoughts in what I would do to keep the share of the market conquered at a very high price. I hope that I'm right because like many of you I'm going crazy here waiting to have one of these UMPCs in my hands! That's the bottom line.