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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Games on the UMPC?

Nobody has yet an UMPC and those who had or have the prototype never tested fully any game. But... here you can find somebody that have been testing some games using a Vaio U at 800x600 and 800x480 to see if games will work in Origamis. I'll post here a summary of what he found:

  1. except of downloadable games, all games required a physical CD/DVD-Rom for installing and for playing. There are cases were a CD-ROM emulator like Daemon Tools etc. will work, i.e. some older games like Riven, Baldurs Gate etc. or like Dungeon Siege II, but I couldn't get Sacred Gold to work without a real drive. (I'm not talking about NoCD crack etc, here!!!)

  2. a lot of PG games need an attached keyboard, cause the onscreen keyboard is either slow nor displayable or the game is not pen-compatible.

  3. all those usual PC games will drain your battery quite quickly. More advanced games a lot faster than usual.

  4. a lot of games (probably all) will not install under a resolution of 800x480px, but the UMPC can be switched to 800x600px (I also assumed 640x480px is supported) so this wont be such a problem. Except of MAME emulator, screen rotation cause most of the games to crash.

  5. nobody knows yet how games will perform under the UMPC, but I discovered not much performance problems under the Vaio U (even in DS II where enemies appear in large crowds etc.).