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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Upgrading the HDD will void your warranty?

According to this post from Origami Project could be that TabletKiosk statement about upgrades could be wrong:

Understandably, they want to discourage people from doing work on their own UMPC's because at the least, they don't want you to inadvertantly break it for your own sake, and at the most they want to sell you their own products for a much higher price than someone can get it out on the free market. There's a thread here in the forum that clarifies why I think that statement is false. Toshiba, on their support site, although not specifically quoted, respect this law as seen here on their upgrade site. Here is an excerpt:

The computer's warranty:

The computer's warranty will not ordinarily be voided by the upgrade or replacement of the hard disk drive, unless it is clear that the drive itself -- or the installation of it -- has been the cause of damage to the computer. The computer's warranty may be voided if the drive is not installed properly, and any damage to the computer occurs during the installation or use of the new drive. To protect yourself from these risks, make arrangements with a Toshiba Premier Authorized Service Provider to replace or upgrade your hard disk drive.

As you can see, US law will not allow them to void your warranty on a consumer product if you add after market items to it and you do no damage to the unit itself. HOWEVER, and a big one, if the part is defective and does damage to your unit, then it WILL void your warranty, or if you damage while in the process of the upgrade, then YES it does void the warranty as well, but to say that removing it and doing any upgrade work at all yourself is false.

So, basically what this guy is saying that the USA law protects you in this case as long as you do not break your eo V7110 in the process of upgrading it or as a result of the upgrade. I hope that a lawyer is reading these lines and could clarify this a little more.