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Sunday, April 02, 2006

What do you think about ads?

In my many years around PCs, Laptops and Pocket PC, I never have bought one because what I have read in any ad. The ad has been just a piece of visual info, that's all. What I really check and look for are the users reviews. I tried to avoid those coming from writers that are too close involved with the OEM, those reviews are good to know about what the OEM wants you to know. The ones that I really hunt are the ones from reviewers that offer me facts, such as benchmarks, comparisons and other stuff that allows me to compare what the OEM is trying to sell me with other machines currently in the market. This is what I'm missing so far in this wave of new UMPCs. Well, my guess is that in about 3 weeks we will have all that info available when early adopters start to post their experiences. There is when we all know if UMPCs are going to be the next thing that everybody will want to have around. Forums, my friends, those are the best friends of any buyer. The best ad you can find.

Source: What do you want in online advertising?