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Friday, March 31, 2006

Synchronizing your UMPC, take 2.

Yesterday I was mentioning some of the Synchronization possibilities for Origami owners. Today I decided to test the ones that I have not tested and see how well they work.

SyncToy and Total Commander work basically in the same way, you select two folders and you sync them MANUALLY. And I said that in upper case because that's where the system fails in my opinion; in one simple point: Nobody is going to keep track of when a Synchronization is needed and even if somebody try to keep track at some point the person could end with files updated in different ways in two different folders and probably without any possibility of mixing them.

FolderShare is really the best option but... Nobody is perfect, you need an Internet connection for this system to work! Why Microsoft makes thing sometime so difficult? Why the SyncToy team did not apply the same concept used in FolderShare but in an intranet environment? A program running in background checking and keeping synchronized two network folders, without any human intervention once the folder pair is created. In that way as soon as the UMPC device is connected to your home network the program will notice that and will sync the folder that just became available in your UMPC to it's pair in your Desktop PC.

Of course, we are talking here about file synchronization. Outlook synchronization is a whole different topic.