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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Toshiba will not enter Origami Party!

Toshiba has announced in an unofficial press release that they will not join Microsoft in this adventure.

You’ll know that Toshiba has a very strong partnership with Microsoft and will continue to push these boundaries to develop real productivity tools and easy to use consumer devices - said Matt Codrington (Toshiba Australia) and after that He added - "although a device like this is a possible extension of the next mobile platform, I’m not sure it meets a real need? Too heavy to carry in your pocket, and probably can’t be used for extended periods [outside battery life] with a 7” screen? So…I hope I’m not going to disappoint your readers when I tell you that although Toshiba is going to continue to be at the leading edge of technology there are no plans to bring an ‘Origami’ type UMPC device to market. Having said that things are always in the works……"

If you read our Yesterday comment about power it's not hard to imagine why Toshiba and Dell have decided to stay away from this project pushed by Microsoft and Intel. These two companies just are not ready for this challange. Plain and simple.