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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

1 GB RAM upgrade for eo V7110

I contacted today in the morning TabletKiosk asking about the possibility of getting the eo V7110 with 1 GB of RAM. Shortly after that I received the answer from Martin J. Smekal:

The eo V7110 is scheduled to ship to customer the last week of April (week of April 24th). The 1GB ram upgrade is a $265 option (from the base priced unit of $899), if you would like to have this option added to your pre-order please let us know and we will make the adjustment.

That means that the eo V7110 with 1 GB of RAM will have a price of 1164 dollars! If you want the 40 GB 5400 RPM HDD you should add 50 dollars more for a total of $1214!

Once again, in case you have noticed yet, TabletKiosk is taking orders for the eo V7110.

eo comes from Latin and means GO, no like somebody already told me that eo comes from Electronic Origami.