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Friday, March 31, 2006

The Term Pocketable

UMPC Buzz has posted a wonderful article about the "pocketability" of Origamis.

Reading the article I started to count how many times I have put my Pocket PCs in my pant pockets. Never. Why? Because they are not really "pocketable". I wont say that I have not heard of anybody carrying a Pocket PC in a pocket but I can say for sure that I have heard many times about displays broken because of that. So, are really the Pocket PC "pocketables". I don't think so. I liked better the terms of PalmSize PC and after that HandHeld PC. They represented better the reality behind these devices.

So, why is that that all those Origami retractors keep saying that Origamis are bad idea because they are not "Pocketables"? am I missing something?