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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Origami blog updated

Once more time Microsoft is trying to sell these devices as entertainment devices, this time using OrigamiProject Blog. What about work, what these devices can do for executives, developers, artists, etc? That's what I want to hear from you [Microsoft] guys.

It seems to me that Microsoft is having a hard time interiorizing that we don't need another iPod, what we need a real small and cheap(in bold) Tablet PC.

May be they [Microsoft] think that nowadays executive can afford a real Tablet PC. Well, that's true, but let me tell you a real life story. About 6 month ago the owner of the company that I work for asked me to buy him a Laptop. What was his main requirement? Weight! He wanted a Laptop around the 3 pounds limit! Executives and Businessmen don't want to carry 7 pounds around airports! And at the same time they don't want to pay around 2000 dollars for a companion PC.