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My Surface PRO 3 'Must Have' Accessories List

Monday, March 13, 2006



Let me try to prepare a list of UMPCs that have been announced and try to update the list with new comings.

  • TabletKiosk v700 or eo V7110:  This is the first preproduction unit to be reviewed by an independent web site. There is a web store currently taking preorders.

  • PBJ SmartCaddie (This device looks very similar to TableKiosk v700, both devices use a VIA processor)

  • Samsung Q1 : probably will be sold for around 1190 dollars according to some sources.

  • Asus RH2: This one uses a Intel Celeron at 900 MHz.

  • Founder Mr Mininote: A Chinese UMPC it comes with Pentium M and Celeron M. A complete list of models and possible prices can be read here. It seems that the maker of this device in reality is ECS: ECS H70.

  • ECS H70: This one will be release in two versions, one with Pentium M and another with Celeron M.

Some of these devices look almost the same and it could be because Intel have been behind the whole design of UMPCs providing no only the processors that's the case of the Founder and ECS UMPC. The same applies to VIA devices like the v700 from TabletKiosk and the PBJ SmartCaddie. So far only ASUS and Samsung have designs that we could call unique.