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Friday, March 31, 2006

Everybody wants one

I was looking for news around the web and I found a note from Omar Shahine that I want to share here:

I got to play with an Origami a few weeks ago and was impressed. I was mum on the topic cause I wasn’t sure how much I was allowed to say about it. Anyway, I want one and plan to get one for my home/kitchen/roaming pc scenarios.

Anyway, today I was waiting for my flight back to San Francisco when my father called. He was screaming on the phone to me that he wants me to order him one as soon as they are available. For a while I could not even make out what he was saying cause I wasn’t listening for it (it’s not a word you hear every day).

If my Dad knows what the heck Origami is, and called me out of the blue asking me to get one for him, I know it’s going to be big. This is very uncanny for him. He calls me and mentions stuff about Microsoft about once a year.

Omar is a developer and he has released recently a freeware that allows to send RSS feeds to OneNote, something that could become a MUST HAVE kind of program for many people.

Note: The sentence in bold shows what usually happens to MVPs, they know about cool stuff coming from Microsoft but they can't talk about it.