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Friday, March 17, 2006

More about the TabletKiosk UMPC

Lora, a MVP behind whatisnew blog has received a TabletKiosk Prototype and she is posting her experiences here.

After I opened IE to check out the browser experience, I installed Skype, MSN Messenger, Audacity, InkGestures, and the Music Composition Power Toy. Within a few minutes I was able to write, "Hello from an Origami," to my family and friends online. As I'm sure you can imagine the responses that I received were fairly excited. People asked, "What do you think? Are you using your finger or pen?" And, questions have continued through to right now.

I can use buttons, pen, or finger to navigate. Since I am proficient at using the pen on a Tablet PC already, I am trying to make a special effort to use the additional input methods. I'll give you an update tomorrow on how well I'm doing. So far, it's simple and straightforward.

More about UMPCs at Lora's blog here.