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Thursday, March 30, 2006

How to sync files between your Origami and Your PC?

Since Windows 3.11 I never have used File Explorer. I started using Norton Commander to copy, move and do what ever I wanted with my files. When Windows 95 came out I found a program for Windows 95 that worked in the same way than Norton Commander: Total Commander. Since that day I have been a loyal user of this program.

One of the features that I like from Total Commander is it's capability of comparing folders taking in consideration even the file content. And it's not just comparing, it allows you to synchronize two folders with the latest information in both.

Update: Wow, a few minutes after I posted this comment I received an email from one of the Origamis sellers asking me this question:

Since you are an ubergeek (a term I use with much affection), I have a question to pose.

One of the most important things, IMHO, to the success of the UMPC as a device will be the ability to synchronize files with one's existing Desktop, laptop or tablet PC. My question: What is the simplest, most flexible, least expensive (in that order) software program that will allow this to be done?

Well, I was telling in MS Origami Team forum that this question is a MUST HAVE in any FAQ about Origamis. The answer is not that simple. I was mentioning Total Commander as a solution, MS Origami Team seems to like FolderShare, a new online service from Microsoft that still in Beta stage. Since I saw Paris Hilton pictures and contact book everywhere online I do not trust these kind of online services. Another program to test is SyncToy a beta from Microsoft that I have not tested yet. And finally some people believe that the final solution to this problem is going to be in Windows Vista.