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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Price is gone at ALLTP

Early this week I posted that Allegiance Technology was taking pre orders of the TabletKiosk Ultra-Mobile PC. Well, I checked their site again today and now the price has been replaced by a refundable 100 dollars deposit to guarantee the place in line.

The initial price posted at that site was 899 dollars for the UMPC with no memory neither HDD upgrades. I should point that the same day that Allegiance Technology (ALLTP) started to take pre orders at their site, TabletKiosk told JKonTheRun web site "that they have not confirmed dealer pricing to ALLTP so there is no way the prices on the ALLTP web site can be stated as final."

Despite all this, ALLTP has won a good reputation within the Tablet PC community and thanks to their Happiness Guarantee.

Update: I have been in contact with ALLTP since I posted this news and I received a note from them today saying that "people can call their toll free number to make a deposit if they want". As far as the initial price of 899 dollars, it has been restored back but... remember "pricing on units, memory and hard drive upgrades has not been finalized, but the numbers you see should be very close." I have to add that I'm very pleased with the quick responses I'm getting from these guys!