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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Gottobemobile.com Interview with Martin Smekal

Martin Smekal is the CEO of TabletKiosk, a company that you may know already because they are the maker of one of the announced UMPCs.

A few days ago Gottabemobile.com published an interview with him that I think should be read by anyone thinking about to buy their UMPCs or Tablet PCs.

Here is a fragment of this interview:

"I feel the first challenge is to make consumers aware of the benefits of the platform rather then the perceived weakness. There has been a lot of hype/speculation around an instant on, 1024 x 768, 5-8 hour battery, GSRM enabled, sub 2 lbs solution that would cost $500 - reality will not be able to meet these expectations. This is the first generation of this platform, and as technology advances this platform will mature as well to a point we all hope will meet these lofty goals.

What has been developed and announced is amazing by itself - a true 900Mhz - 1.0GHz PC that utilizes the Windows XP Tablet extension set, has wireless capabilities and is under $1000 - before the UMPC was announced the closest you could get to something like this would be based on a 8.4" screen and carrying a price closer to $2000 - and people were raving about these units. When you consider how an average user might utilize the UMPC in their daily life to compliment their primary computer, you quickly recognize the value proposition is enormous."

I have contacted him about a few questions that I have and I hope that I can post back here his answers soon.