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Monday, April 03, 2006

Synchronizing your UMPC, take 3

There are many programs online that allow you to keep two folders located in different machines synchronized. All you need is to know how to "Google" them. I found 3 that are really good in what they do so I'll mention only those.
  • Always Sync: This one is very easy to use. It has a portion of it that stay in the taskbar minimized ready to check as many "Jobs" as you have created and in the period of time specified by user. In my case I configured the program to compare and sync my jobs every 1 minute. Each pair of folder is called a Job. Always Sync is free for "moderate personal use". Business and heavy users have to buy the program but hey... it's just 19.95 dollars!

  • ViceVersaPro: This program seems to be more elaborated. It has a 30 days trial and a price tag of 59.95 dollars if you go with the PRO. They have a PLUS version that is cheaper but if you were thinking about to buy it I would recommend getting the PRO. What I don't like of this one is that the synchronization schedule is handled using the Task Schedule of the Operating System, so anyone could accidentally delete one of your ViceVersaPro tasks not knowing what does that task. The program interface is very complex for a none technical person IMHO.

  • Easy2Sync: This one is very similar to Always Sync. The price is 49.00 dollars for the Home edition and 79 dollars for Business Edition. I did not like this one because it seemed to me more heave than Always Sync. When the program was syncing folders you could see the screen blinking.

In conclusion, my two favorites are FolderShare for those users with a High Speed Internet connection and Always Sync for Home Networks with a no very fast Internet Connection. In the case of FolderShare, you need to have the program opened in both machines and have them connected to Internet all time. In the case of Always Sync you need the program running only in one of the machines, and I would recommend having it in your main PC taking in consideration that UMPCs are not powerful machines.