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Friday, April 07, 2006

Do you want benchmarks?

Talking about benchmarks, somebody has pointed us to a review of the Sony VGN-U50 that has some benchmarks results including games. The VGN-U50 is not an Origami but it's the closer thing you can find out there to an Origami: It use a 900 MHz Intel Celeron, 256 MB of RAM (8 MB used for video) and 800x600 screen resolution. Of course benchmarks results depend on many other factor but hey... something is better than nothing and like I said, this is the closer device that you can get out there to an Origami configuration.

From that review I'm copying here some numbers that I want to have as a reference or comparison point with the eo V7110 when I get mine checked.

"PC Mark 2004... Final CPU score was 1702, Memory score was 1572 and HDD score was 1749, with a final score of 1554 PC Marks."

"For graphics...3D Mark 2001 and got a decent score of 2054."

"In demo mode, Aquamark v3 was slight more choppy than 3D Mark tests. Things ran fine on scenes without many particles, but the moment there was a large bit of rendering to do with many particles, things got a little sluggish. Most effects ran fine (lighting, fog, etc). In benchmark mode,... 800x600x16 with antialiasing and anisotropic off and set detail level to very low. This gave .. a 12.58fps."