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Friday, April 07, 2006

Day 17 - April 24 is getting closer

Yesterday JKonTheRun published his Video-Review of the eo v7110. It's a good review, he shows and gives his opinion about the how the different screen resolutions work and he shows how the palm of your hand on top of the screen while you are writing does not interfere with this process at all. I have read some comments of people saying that these reviews really do not show anything new, do not show any benchmark results, etc. I think that they are right but they are missing some points. First of all, these reviews are done using prototypes so the results could be different to what you will see in the final product and Second of all, these machines has been provided by an OEM under some NDA and even if this NDA does not exist I doubt that anybody will risk the option of getting more cool stuff to test saying anything bad about the prototype.

if you want benchmarks you will have to wait at least until April 14 when the Smart Caddie hits the streets of Japan.