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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What you are going to do with your Origami?

That's the question that UMPC Buzz is asking in their forum. Well here is what I posted there:

  1. Email (tech support for my own software business)

  2. Browsing

  3. Taking care of my blogs

  4. Painting... I'm missing that part of my old life and may be this is going to be a good moment to start over again.

  5. Occasional coding in VS .NET 2005

  6. Like a testing machine for new programs for Tablet PC OS.

  7. Reading ebooks

  8. Movies while waiting for my car Oil Change (those guys are slow like hell, 2 hours movie kind of service but I like them because they have free WiFi :D)

  9. Occasional gaming (like Sudoko, I'm really not a gamer but I guess that if there is nothing to do while you are waiting for your wife when she is shopping around this could help you to make the time fly fast).

I guess that that's all.

Oh I forgot something, I want to write a review about the performance of eo V7110. I need to find out some good benchmark tools and somebody with some benchmark results for a Pentium M at 1 GHz so I can establish a comparison between these two processors.