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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Day 19: Who has a better marketing campaign?

Yes, 19 days to April 24. And while we are waiting for our eo V7110 and for more news coming from JKonTheRun lets talk about two different marketing campaigns: Samsung and TabletKiosk.

  • Samsung: This company has a very small presence here is USA. They sell some electronics but not PC, laptops or any computer kind of device that explain why they are now studying if they should sell the Samsung Q1 here or not. What they are doing to promote the Q1, they have given some prototypes to Microsoft big guys to show in public. What is the effect that they are trying to get from that? Well they are trying to send the message to the market that that device is the one preferred by Microsoft and if that's the case that device should be the best.

  • TabletKiosk: this company has a different approach. They have given prototypes to community leaders that have been writing about what they like from these prototypes. What is the message behind? This is the device for the masses!

It's hard to know who is wining this marketing battle because Samsung is a well known name in the whole world while TabletKiosk is a USA based company very well known within the Tablet PC community, something that thanks to these Origamis is quickly changing. So, lets create a poll and have the market decide who is having a better marketing campaign....