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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Full Tablet PC Support for Sony Vaio UXs

Ultra Mobile PC Tips is all about finding solutions or workarounds for those problems or bugs left in these machines by the "Big Guys". This is why when a few days ago somebody asked me at todoUMPC for help getting full TabletPC support in the Sony Vaio UX series the fact that I do not have one did not stop me.

I had that problem before in my Q1 when the HID driver was not available. And part of the problem was fixed by changing 2 registry keys using this VBScript. But for my surprise this hack did not work in Sony UX. At todoUMPC a friend mentioned that at Micro PC Talk somebody found that installing the Wacom driver gave the UX "Partial" Tablet PC support and I said "partial" because there was not ink support in Outlook 2007 after this driver installation. Then I remembered about my VBScript and that was the final touch to fix the whole issue.

After installing the Wacom Driver and applying the VBScript the Vaio UX gained full Tablet PC functionality and full Ink support in all Office 2007 including Outlook.

The Wacom Driver does not do anything but fool Vista making it think that the unit uses a Wacom Digitizer. After installing the driver you will notice a Wacom icon in the Control Panel, but that icon does not work.

Note apart, It's unbelievable to see how a company like Sony makes such mistake. In another hand I want to thank todoUMPC guys for helping to find this solution and test it in them devices.