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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sorry Palm, but you got it wrong this time.

My first PDA was a Palm. At the beginning of the decade Palm was a symbol of innovation but it seems to me that this company is not going to reach the end of the decade. This company looks like a ship without a Captain. Who would have thought to see five years ago a Palm using Windows CE? Is not that crazy? A Palm using Windows? And now, Palm making Subnotebooks. Because I do not can how Palm wants to present this device, this 10" device is not a PDA, it is not a MID and it's not a UMPC. If it looks like a subnotebook it's a subnotebook. Check this picture and tell me that I'm wrong.

This is why I agree 100 % this time with Engadget.

We like the scroll wheel, the keyboard and screen were very nice, and the browser works excellently (and with Flash! see the gallery). It's wonderful that it works so well with your phone and all of that business, but we just can't get behind this one. We need a better Treo, or we need a Foleo or like device that replaces your Treo -- we don't want both. No ifs, ands, or buts. We already have a laptop, and when you consider the fact that this thing is about the size and weight of a Dell X1 (ok, maybe a little larger), the user just doesn't have a whole lot of reason to take one of these home.
Where is the innovation? Where are the golden years Palm?