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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Seems to me that I was right.

And once again, I was right about the performance. Check this.

Calling up Control Panel was f... slow!!! I mean critically painful!

First, the slowness of the Control Panel building was not my imagination. The Q1U had to be reset rebooted and when the Samsung rep called it up, he thought it had finished after 4-5 icons appeared. I had to tell him, No, wait, it’s sloooow. And it still was, even after a reboot!

Eighth, I went to YouTube and played a video. It was a wee bit choppy. I’ve just played the same clip — Gerry Anderson UFO: Exposed — on this black MacBook and it was absolutely smooth. OK, this tells me that the Q1U won’t be the absolute best for video. On the MacBook, it was streaming and smooth. On the Q1U, it didn’t matter if it was streaming live or playing after I’d allowed a good portion of it to pre-load, the video just wasn’t 100% smooth. Was it bad? No. It’s acceptable. But if you are thinking of using a Q1U for video, you might have to change your plans.

People with larger hands than mine (hello, James Kendrick!) will not be able to get good use out of that keyboard. As it is, I found extended text entry to be so annoying that I’d probably not use that keyboard for anything other than entering URLs and extremely-brief SMS-like emails.

As for resolution switching, unlike the Q1 Classic, the Q1U lacks a dedicated button to switch resolutions.

Another annoying thing was the dedicated mouse button on the left side. It’s more like a flattened joystick. After trying it out, I hardly used it thereafter

Software-wise, I felt Vista was a huge pain in the ass. I kept getting a spinning circle whenever I touched the screen! I would tap on a button and instead of something happening, I’d get this fucking spinning circle and a ghostly image of a mouse.

Comparing my overall experience between past fondles of the Q1 Classic and the Q1U, the Joy Factor for the Q1U was much lower — that ghostly mouse and spinning circle made everything just irritating as hell. There really was no joy. I guess if I could find the correct settings to get rid of those two things, I’d find Vista better to use, but I still prefer XP and I’d rather be using that.

I don't know but it seems to me that this guy has been reading me lately. Once again, I'm not bashing, I'm just saying what I feel: It's stupid to jump from any of the current Intel UMPC to this one.

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