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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Performance vs Battery Life

Yesterday after reading my post about Intel, Steve pointed me to some of the Santa Rosa platform good features designed to get the maximum Battery Life as possible. And do not get me wrong, there are people that will prefer to have more battery than a better performance. I myself bought the eo v7110 with a VIA processor because I thought at that time that Battery was more important than performance. But then while using my eo v7110 I quickly discovered that there are many ways to get more battery life if I needed but there was not anyway to get more performance out of that device. And in my case, performance is more important. I'm editing movies and pictures in my UMPC, I'm working with heavy applications like Visual Studio. So I need performance. The VIA processor was not good enough for me and this is why now I'm using mostly the Samsung Q1 with a Celeron processor.

So I thought, let's post a poll and see what users really want, performance or battery. I know that many of you will say, I want both, but let's be realistic, at this moment we can't have both. If we could do you think that Intel would have released the McCaslin at 800 MHz? Come on! Let's choose between what we have at this moment.

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