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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Vista in a v7110: First impressions

What a surprise. For some reason I always thought that Vista was going to perform very slow in a TabletKiosk eo v7110 and the reality is totally different. Vista performs a lot better than XP. And I think that part of the secret is in the new Performance Information and Tool Feature. This tool runs the first time your PC logs in Vista and it configures your PC looking for the best Performance. The following screen shot showshow this tool rated the eo v7110 aka Amtek T700.

eo score

Another big surprise is how well the new handwriting recognition works. I really believe that Vista will improve Tablet PC sales a big time.

is Vista RC1 perfect? No. For example, for some reason when I correct a word in the TIP and hit Ok, my correction is not registered. Another annoying thing is that no blanks spaces are inserted after I hit the insert button so I have to go back often just to add these spaces.

Another thing I did not like is how the security features are interrupting you with 100 questions beforeto open a simple "unsigned" program.

Well, I guess that "nobody is perfect". Microsoft has done a great Job this time and for sure I'm gonna be one of the first to update my XP copy in January..


  1. Frank, I noticed a problem with the pen calibration on my ago7. I can tap pefectly on the two upper crosshairs, but with the lower ones when I try to tap in the center I get an error bell, and I have to tap slightly below the center to get the tap accepted. As a result the pen calibration is not perfect, but still good.

    Did you find this problem on your eo?

  2. I created a short cut with this line in the Program field: tabcal novalidate

    And ran that short cut as administrator. In that way it worked. If you go and try to calibrate using the button in the Tablet PC applet from the control panel you get that error.

  3. Thanks Frank, that worked! :D

    Now the calibration is perfect.

  4. I'll write a little guide this week end with all these tricks that I learned from this Vista installation.


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